Back to work Coca-Cola: Happiness Flag

Coca-Cola: Happiness Flag

A Crowd-Sourced Symbol
of Happiness

How can one brand unite opposing teams across the globe in preparation for the FIFA World Cup? In the spirit of Coca-Cola’s “World’s Cup” campaign, we collected fan-submitted photos across 207 countries and displayed them on the pitch as the World’s flag.

The Happiness Flag by Coca-Cola was the largest-ever digitally produced Photomosaic® flag, containing 223,206 fan photos submitted across 207 countries—every country Coca-Cola is sold. The flag was unveiled on the pitch before the opening match in Sao Paulo, Brazil, allowing the entire world to be active participants in the FIFA World Cup.

After the unveiling, the flag was uploaded online, creating a digital experience for fans to search for their picture, watch behind-the-scene videos and share their photo on social media. Through this global and fully integrated campaign, we helped Coca-Cola create the most inclusive and participatory FIFA World Cup to date.

Services Provided
Concept Ideation
Digital Integration
Social Media Marketing
Event Design
Metrics + ROI

  • 3.5m+

    Total Images

  • 3b+

    Global Impressions

  • 223k+

    Fan-Submitted Photos

  • 207


“Football has
an incredible
power to bridge
social, cultural +
divides. Happiness
Flag is the perfect
of this power.”

–Emmanuel Seuge, Coca-Cola

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