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Celebrating 110 Years
of Freedom

How does one of the world’s most epic motorcycle brands celebrate their 110th anniversary in a global way? We executed 12 events in 10 countries on six continents for a yearlong party around the world that gave Harley-Davidson riders, old and new, the chance to celebrate the open road and the brand
that lets them ride.

Bikers around the world participated in JUMPSTART experiences (stationary rides), free haircuts and tattoos (temporary and permanent), boot shines, an interactive map of riders across the globe, virtual pin creation, a pin-and-patch display, and global photo opps—all RFID enabled to share their Harley experience with Facebook.

The Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary generated excitement around the brand internationally, created fan-driven content, and united independent bikers around the world. The result was a global celebration of both the ride and the riders that attracted new fans and left long-time enthusiasts wanting more.

Services Provided
Experiential Strategy
Concept Ideation
Digital Integration
Social Media Marketing
Environmental Design
Event Production
Casting + Staff Training

  • 14.7m+

    Facebook Impressions

  • 4k+

    Interactive Map Entries

  • 4k+

    Jumpstart Registrants

  • 207

    Permanent Tattoos

“The number of people that traveled from around the world to be a part of Harley-Davidson’s 110th Anniversary was amazing! ”

–John Piester, Experiential Marketing Expert

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